It's April 1, but This is No Joke

Ever since starting this endeavor to educate ourselves about tax resistance and begin tiptoeing down the path of making this site real, there's been a feeling each step of the way that we were venturing into unknown territory.

That's not unusual, though.  What we're witnessing today in terms of the degree of lying, secrecy, and deviousness within this administration is unprecedented, and the ways in which basic rights we took for granted as Americans are being stripped out from under us is no joke.  The danger is real.

We understand and respect that tax resistance is not for everyone.  That's why we've specifically created this site in a way that makes the penalties to any one individual modest, but the impact of large-scale resistance great.

We aren't laughing any more.  This isn't a rehearsal.  This administration is laughing at us.  At our gullibility.  Our naivete.  The way in which we thought playing nice and being bipartisan would sway them to a centrist stance.  It won't.

We're done marching.  We're done signing petitions.  We're done making donations that seem to go nowhere.  We want -- no -- we demand to be taken seriously.

Donald Trump and the GOP think they can pull the wool over the eyes of the American people. They cannot.  We see you.  We know who you are.  We're not fools and you're not fooling us.

You won't show us your taxes because you're hiding things.  Bad things.  Bigly, as you might say.

If you won't show us respect, if you think we're dupes, we'll show you instead.  We'll hold back our hard-earned tax money that only enriches you and your cronies.

And we'll make you work to get our money from us and won't give it over while you continue to start wars in our name, cut funding for public education, kill the arts, destroy climate change research, hurt everyday workers and more.

We're done with you.  You're a bad joke.  It's April Fool's Day, but we're not laughing.