Let Them March All They Want

It seemed only fair to include a bit more about how this site came about.  Essentially, after Trump was elected, and after watching daily the policies and actions the GOP-controlled Congress was taking to re-shape the government in its own image, I could not imagine paying taxes to a government that embodied all I morally abhor.  

There is, of course, a risk with tax resistance that Republicans will take up the same charge once a progressive is in office with whom they disagree.  I've considered this and decided tax resistance is still worth doing to remain true to my values.  

I'm also aware that Trump releasing his taxes or being impeached will not "solve" the current dilemma.  That's because what we are witnessing is more like the many-headed hydra of Greek mythology -- a GOP-controlled Congress that is ushering in laws (e.g., to gut the Environmental Protection Agency, to allow guns to be purchased by people with mental illness, to provide taxpayer funding to religious private schools) without Trump's help.  This takeover of government by a single party, in part as a result of gerrymandering, points to the need for those of us who disagree with their values to work harder to elect at the town, city, county, and state level individuals who will ensure our country does not turn into a theocracy or kleptocracy -- beholden to denominational churches or corporations.  

What could again make America great, to steal a Trump-ism, is our embracing of what has always made America special:  our heterogeneity and diversity.  It's true that America has not always welcomed the stranger in our midst (every immigrant group who arrived at our shores was pilloried, Native Americans paid for their generosity with their lives, and African Americans continue to suffer for the original sin of slavery).  But if we look at our history, the periods in which we've been the most successful are those in which we gave a leg up to everyone, not only those with white skin and privilege. 

But perhaps to fully realize our future greatness, we need to turn to our Scandinavian brethren (those ancestors who some may hold in highest regard) whose values of shared success through a socially progressive society have led them to become the happiest and wealthiest people on earth.

For when only the wealthiest 1% of our society thrives, we all lose.  We should therefore be working to strengthen the capacity and intelligence of all of our citizens, not only those already doing well, and should further recognize that the "us versus them" mentality that leads the GOP to eliminate funding to our most vulnerable citizens will not make our country stronger but weaken us in the long run.  

As someone who believes s/he can no longer trust the government to use his/her money wisely, I will instead donate this year to causes that are reaffirming America's greatness by empowering all of its citizens.  

For those of you who, like me, are contemplating tax resistance for the first time, please know that even a small step -- withholding $100 for 100 days -- is an action which, if done en masse, can begin to shift the tide.  Tax resistance, unlike marches, calls, and petitions, is the one thing that cannot be ignored.